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Clean, Premium Products
Developed Exclusively for Interlocs.


Embrace your locs


At nvlx labs, we put a lot of thought into the ingredients we use in our dreadlock products and what values we want to uphold related to our business practices.

We want to provide you with a luxury experience utilizing high-end interloc products. Your locs deserve a variety of incredible, nourishing blends.

beautiful woman with dreadlock hair sitting at a computer

Got Any Questions About Our Locs?

Unlock the Beauty of Locs with nvlx labs!

Discover a world of exquisite hair transformation with our exceptional range of interloc products.

At NVLX Labs, we're passionate about helping you embrace the elegance and versatility of your locs. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to your loc journey, we're here to provide you with top-tier, quality products and expert guidance.

Interloc Collection

Elevate your locs game with our innovative Interloc products. Designed specifically for our loc'd community- our products provide solutions that encourage you to achieve your dream loc style effortlessly. From starter locs to mature locs, we have the perfect products to help you rock your look with confidence.

Loc Girl Magic

Unleash your inner beauty and creativity with our cutting-edge loc products. Whether you're craving the timeless charm and elegance of an updo or the trendiness of a funky twist out with a vibrant color- our loc collection has you covered. Experience hassle-free customer service with a stunning outcome that speaks volumes.

Your Locs Journey Starts Here

Embarking on a loc journey can be exciting and transformative. Our blog is a treasure trove of expert tips, styling ideas, maintenance guides, and inspirational stories from the loc'd community. Whether you're curious about styling locs, maintenance techniques, or seeking advice on ingredients for interlocs, our articles are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Choose nvlx labs?

Quality Assurance

At NVLX Labs, we understand that your loc journey is not just about a style; it's about investing in the future of your hair. That's why our products are more than just "a blend" – they're a testament to our unwavering commitment to high standards. Each product in our collection is meticulously crafted using premium ingredients that are handpicked for their quality and performance.

Expert Support

Embarking on a loc journey can be both thrilling and challenging. That's why our team of dedicated loc enthusiasts is more than just customer support – we're your partners on this exciting journey. From the moment you explore our products to the time you're ready to style or maintain your locs, we're here to provide you with personalized recommendations, valuable tips, and answers to any questions you may have. Your success is our success, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Variety and Choice

Locs are an expression of your individuality, and we celebrate that diversity at NVLX Labs. Our curated selection of products embraces the rich tapestry of interloc types and styles, ensuring that you find the products that resonate with your unique personality and preference. Whether you're drawn to the meticulousness of Sister locs and braid locs or the flair and classic charm of interlocs started with two-strand twist twists, our products offer what you need to cultivate and fully embrace your loc journey.

Fast Shipping

Embarking on a loc journey can be exciting and transformative. We are here to simplify it for you! We promise to be responsive and to provide you with first-class customer service support throughout your transformation. Our customer service representatives are here to be helpful while guiding and inspiring you every step of the way.

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