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When you create the perfect products for your hair, you don't keep that a secret! It's like finding an absolute life hack and not sharing it with your closest friends. The interlocked community deserves a clean, quality, luxury brand created with their unique needs in mind. Our team has done the work and wants to share "the hack" with you. Enter nvlx labs.


Whether you have micro locs, braid locs, sister locs, traditional locs, or even free-form locs, nvlx labs is for you. Our products works best for interlocs and loc types that minimize products (e.g. gels, pomades, locking agents) as locs mature. Our products are designed to keep your hair light, flowy, and healthy while encouraging the locking process. 

We started with not only the finest ingredients, but we've also incorporated sustainable business practices. You and your interlocs deserve high-end products developed with principles.  We invite you to interlock in luxury.

happy and beautiful woman with short sisterloc hair

Your locs deserve the best


Cruelty Free


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