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Locs and Lions in Liwonde

Sisterlocks in Liwonde, Malawi

This past spring, I had the opportunity to go on an African Safari in Malawi with my brother and Sister-in-Law. It was an awesome adventure. We braved naughty hippos that tried capsizing our boat, we crept upon sleeping lions, we chased chunky warthogs, and we watched in awe as majestic and beautiful elephants grazed in their natural habitat. A time was had! Traveling is exciting, but for individuals with black hair, especially those with locs, maintaining hair health while on the road can pose a unique challenge. Here are some essential tips to ensure your locs stay healthy, hydrated, and fabulous throughout your journey!

1. Moisture is a Must:

Locs thrive when they are well-hydrated. Consider bringing a travel-sized spray bottle filled with a few drops of your favorite essential oils in it. You can add water once you arrive at your destination! Spritz your locs as needed to keep them moisturized, and fresh, especially in dry or arid climates. Don't forget to drink plenty of water as well. That also helps to keep your hair hydrated!

2. Protective Styling is King:

The African bush and several other outdoor destinations can be very unforgiving. I tied my hair up the majority of the time while on Safari. Opt for protective styles that keep your locs secure and prevent unnecessary breakage and debris from getting in your hair. Styles like braids or twists can be an excellent choice, and they also make it easier to maintain your hair on the go.

Liwonde National Park Rules

3. Silk Scarves and/or pillowcases Required:

Pack a silk or satin scarf or a pillowcase to protect your locs while you sleep. These materials help prevent friction and reduce moisture loss, keeping your hair looking fresh each morning. These coverings also keep unwanted dust and debris out of your hair!

4. Wash your hair BEFORE you travel:

Choose to wash your hair prior to traveling. This ensures you know the water quality and that you can travel without carrying bulky products. Some austere environments don't have reliable water sources. Don't risk it! Remember to use a lint-free hair towel when you do wash your hair. These towels are gentler on your locs and reduce frizz and breakage when drying your hair.

5. Travel with your NVLX Labs Loc Comb:

All the hustle and bustle will leave your locs tangled. Finger detangling can be a challenge, especially after long hours on the road. The nvlx labs loc comb is your best friend for gently working through any knots or tangles without causing damage. It's also great for giving yourself a relaxing scalp massage while you reflect on the day's events.

6. Insist on UV Protection:

If you’ll be exposed to the sun for extended periods, consider a hat or headscarf to protect your locs from harmful UV rays. UV protection helps prevent dryness and color fading. (Don't forget to wear sunscreen as well!)

Naughty hippos

Resting Lion

Remember, the key to healthy locs while traveling is consistency. Stick to your regular hair care routine as much as possible, stay hydrated, and enjoy your journey with your fabulous, well-maintained locs! Where have you traveled to recently, and what tips do you have to share with the loc'd community? Please drop them below :0) Until next time beauties ~

NoVa Locs

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