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The Queen 👸🏾 … (of Parts)

It was February 2017. I had already spent hundreds of hours combing through (and saving) dozens of Sisterlocks™ pictures to lust over; official hair porn. I needed to figure out how to manage my 18+ inches of hair. I was die-hard team natural, but something had to give. I called one. Two. Three. And four consultants. And then there was her. The Queen. The Sisterlocks™ Diva. The Queen of Parts. Whatever you call her - you better put some respect on her name. I am so thankful that the universe saw fit for this beautiful woman to lead me toward loc'd bliss. Thank you, Sister- you are so appreciated.

Angel! I am so happy to have you here! You have no idea how thrilled I am to get you into the lab! Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! My name is Angel. I am married, a mother of three (3), and a Full-time Sisterlocks™ Consultant. When I am not doing hair, I love to work out, travel, and do nothing when possible. 😆 

Can you share your journey and experience related to becoming one of the most highly sought-after consultants in the Sisterlockscommunity?

“Highly sought after”…not even, but I appreciate that! My journey was unexpected and not something I planned.  I was a stay-at-home mom who wanted to return to the workforce. My husband preferred I stay at home with the kids, but I was ready to do something for myself since our youngest was in preschool. My mother and sister took the Sisterlocks™ Course in 2008, and after watching their businesses grow (from home), my mother encouraged me to take it since it was something I could do from home; I could make my own schedule and still be home with my children. I used to braid hair- I started as a teenager, so hair wasn’t new to me. I took the Sisterlocks Course in 2012 and have grown my business since. Best decision I could’ve made for myself and my family. 

Do you keep track of how many women’s Sisterlocks™ you’ve installed? Can you share how many clients you have?!

I have not counted the number of installs I have done. It’s been a few years since I’ve counted my clientele;  at last count, I had 124. Clients move, transfer, cut their hair, or self-maintain, so that number can fluctuate. 

Can you describe the most challenging client you've had and what techniques you employed to overcome your concerns?

I can say I have pretty awesome clients that rarely bring challenges. But there was this one particular client I had to let go of! Due to her religion, she couldn’t be in the presence of a man without her hair covered. At that time, I didn’t have a secluded space in my home so I had to make sure her appointment was scheduled after my son left for school and be finished before my husband came home from work. It became challenging because she wasn’t consistent with her appointments. It would take me longer to retighten her locs, and it would run into the time my husband would arrive home. He didn’t appreciate having to wait in the garage until I was done, so I had to let her go! Now I make sure all future clients understand I am home-based, married, have children, and a cat. Lol

How do you prioritize your hair health and maintenance when you are always serving others?

Since I am very low maintenance regarding my hair, I do nothing but wash and retighten. I used to put myself on a regular schedule and my mother would maintain my locs. When my clientele picked up, I would start at the back and she would finish the front. When my schedule started getting super busy, I would do it whenever possible. My daughter is a consultant as well, so she helps me out. As far as a regular schedule, I don’t have one. I feel my new growth and say, “ok it’s time for a retightening” and then I start. I’ll sometimes call my mom and see if she has a few hours to spare; other than that, I get in where I fit in. 

Communication is vital in understanding a client's desires. How do you ensure you're on the same page with your clients before agreeing to take them on?

I am pretty easygoing. During the consultation, I make sure to ask and answer questions and let them know my policies. I don’t require or expect much. 

Many believe Locs are “no maintenance,” but that is far from true. What advice do you provide to your clients as it relates to keeping their Locs healthy, flourishing, and beautiful?

I always tell my clients that less is more. If you keep your hair clean, separated, and use minimal products and manipulation, your locs will grow long and healthy. 

Building a strong reputation and client base is crucial. Can you provide examples of how you've used social media and word-of-mouth to showcase your skills and attract clients?

I first started showing pictures of my own locs on my Facebook page. As loc groups started to grow, I would post there along with my clients. Once I created an Instagram page and started showing my work and my own hair, my business blew up from there. People love to see pictures, so social media is where the majority of my clients come from. 

Problem-solving is essential, especially if a client has specific hair concerns. Could you share an instance where you creatively addressed a client's unique hair challenges?

I’ve had so many challenges over the years. I think that has helped me become better at solving issues with the various hair-types that I encounter. One client transferred to me, and went to someone who was not trained in doing Sisterlocks.™ She had so much loose hair and so many knots and holes that I had to correct. It was a long and tedious journey, but with some unconventional techniques - I managed to get her locs looking better than when she came to me. 

Maintaining a professional yet personable relationship with clients is key. We can spend up to 3-4 hours every six weeks with our consultants! How do you ensure a positive and comfortable experience for clients during long styling sessions?

Because I work out of my home, I want to ensure my clients feel safe and comfortable in my space. I let them know my family dynamics and ensure no foolishness goes on in my home! The majority of my clients are very sociable and by spending so much time together - we bond and establish a relationship that will make them safe during their time in my home. 

Has it ever been difficult to balance the personal vs professional relationship (with a client) due to the bonds created during these long sessions?

It hasn’t been difficult at all. My clients respect my business as a small business owner, and boundaries are never crossed.

Talk to us about your personal Sisterlocks™ journey!

My journey has been wonderful, its the best decision I have ever made. It’s not something I planned, but I am glad my mother installed them for me. Because I do nothing with my hair- I never had any challenges. I have kept up with my maintenance, washed when needed, and left it alone. I used to curl my hair when it was shorter, but it’s more work now than I’m willing to do, and curls don't last long anymore so it’s not worth it! I’m not into styling or anything; I just put my hair in one large braid at night, wake up, detangle and go about my day. That’s pretty much how my journey has been. 

We see you looking fit and fabulous! How do you maintain a consistent workout regimen with such a demanding schedule? What motivates you?

Thank you!!! The results keep me motivated. I have always maintained somewhat of a healthy lifestyle. There was a point where my business got super busy, and I put clients over my fitness. That knocked me down for years. My workouts were very sporadic, and my eating was terrible. I noticed I couldn’t stand for very long, my body would ache, and I just felt broke down after a long day of clients. I knew I had to get back on a healthy track. Quite a few of my clients introduced me to Peloton. I already had a dedicated workout space, so I added the Bike, Tread+ and Rower and started working out consistently again. Standing, bending and shrugging all da,y everyday takes a toll on your body so I knew I had to start working out and eating healthy again- so I could continue to do hair as long as I can. 

What advice would you provide to someone just starting out as a consultant?

First thing I would advise is to get a mentor. It can become overwhelming after the class, so teaming up with someone local can ease ones anxiety a bit. Having my mother and sister help me when I first started out was been a blessing. Without them, I would’ve been lost. 

What are the top three things a potential client should look for when selecting a consultant?

  • Professionalism

  • Clean and safe environment 

  • Quality and consistent work 

We hear you love to travel! Tell us about your last trip.

My last trip was to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was honored to be invited to my client's wedding. Since it was a day before my daughter (Zariah’s) birthday, we made it a family trip. The kids enjoyed themselves, we did a few excursions and just hung around the resort. 

Handling multiple clients and appointments requires excellent time management skills. How do you ensure that you deliver quality results while still making time to do the things that you love?

My clients take really good care of their hair, so thankfully, their time in the chair is pretty consistent. If they go longer between retightenings it may add a little extra time, but not much. I do give myself some time between clients to eat and kick my feet up! I have learned to take more time off for myself. At one point, I was drained; that’s when I knew I had to manage my schedule better and take more time for myself. 

Lastly, what do you enjoy most about working with black women?

Just seeing the joy and excitement on their face after an install and even over the years after their hair flourishes! That's what makes me love what I do. I also have a lot of Boss women as clients! Witnessing their journey, whether it be personal or professional, brings me so much happiness. 

How can we find you?

Thank you so much my dear! I truly appreciate your time and am ever grateful that you birthed my locs!! XXOO

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